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brunch menu


fri / sat / sun


10.30am - 11.30am

aloo rosti

aloo rosti and egg- onion, carrot and potato rosti                 9

spiced with caraway and ginger. Served with a fried egg and tomato salad

aloo rosti and masala beans - onion, carrot and potato        8.5

posti spiced with caraway and ginger, Served with masala beans and tomato salad


eggs with a tomato, mustard seed, cumin seed,         10

chilli, ginger, garlic sauce. Served with half a naan


poached eggs 4 ginger and cumin beans 4 pork sausages 4 vegan sausages 3 aloo rosti 4.5

Samosa Chaat

vegetarian samosa, chickpea masala, tamarind, green chutney, yoghurt and crispy noodles

Single 9 / double 13

Dish of the day

With rice 13 

Add chapati + £2.5

Baingan Bharta

Roasted aubergines with ginger, yoghurt, garlic chilli oil and naan bread               12 

Roti Fish Tacos 

Fried fish of the day served with sambharo, turmeric mango mayo, sambar and kachumber on a chapati            14.5

Chilli Paneer

Fried paneer tossed in a spicy, salty, tangly and sweet sauce with peppers               9 

Pickled Fig Salad

Pickled fig, leaves, toasted walnuts with lemon dressing         11

Lamb Raan 

Slow cooked lamb with herb yoghurt, green chilli and lime served with naan.                15.5

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