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lunch menu


weds - sat


12.00pm - 2.30pm

light bites

fennel pear and walnut - shaved fennel bulb and pear segments with                6

leaves and citrus dressing

carrot, red cabbage & sesame - thai slaw with sweet chili and soy dressing,        6

sesame seeds and spring onions

soup of the day served with hylsten bread and butter                                      7.5


naga wings - free range chicken wings marinated in naga chilli and mango      6.5


dal of the day and rice - dal spiced with ginger, fresh curry leaves and garam   8.5 masala  served with jeera rice

+ add a chapati £2

bombay toastie - cheese potato, peppers red onions and some spicy spicy,            9

toasted on hylsten bakery sourdough

samosa chat - vegetarian samosa, chickpea masala, tamarind, green chutney,  7 / 10

yogurt and crispy noodles vegan version available at request

malai chicken skewers  - Free range chicken breast skewers marinated with       10

almond, cream, black pepper, green chilli and lime


samosa x1                                                                                                    4

samosa x2                                                                                                  7.8

kachori x4                                                                                                  7.5

spring roll x2                                                                                               5

masala fries                                                                                                4.5

pattra - taro leaves tempered in mustard seeds and green chilli                         6.5

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