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Pop Up Dinner at The Yard is Back with a Bang!

You know by now that food is our love language. From the meticulous mixing of spices for maximum flavour to the long, languorous cooking of each dish to mouth watering perfection week in week out, we take an inordinate amount of joy feeding you. We're like this at home too - breakfast in bed that's oh so extra? Yep. Lunch is never *just* a sarnie. And hosting a BBQ is at least a three day affair.

We adore prepping takeaway dishes for you to enjoy at home (or wherever you end up) but nothing quite beats the thrill of cooking for you in real time, just how we would if you were guests around our dinner table. Last Summer Dinner @ The Yard was born: a weekly pop up, outside our kitchen in Totnes. Just us cooking our food, our way (and getting to watch you enjoy the hell out of it).

You seemed to love it just as much as us, so it's back this Summer!

The important bits:

  • Friday from 5pm, weather permitting

  • BYOB (we've soft drinks available)

  • Our al fresco seating is limited so whilst there's no need to book ahead, you can if you want to guarantee your spot

  • The menu will change each week, follow along on Facebook or Instagram to make sure you're in the know.

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