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From Chaat to Takeaway and Back Again: Our 2020!

Updated: May 19, 2021

Driven by an insatiable need to feed those around us and bring joy through food, we started working on a seed of a street food idea in Summer 2019. By ‘working on’ I mean Tom, Mum and I spent a lot of nights in the kitchen reworking and eating some of our favourite Indian street food dishes whilst cooking up plans.

We sampled, refined, sampled some more, fed a lot of friends, sampled some more….sampled a little more…refined a bit further… You get the idea we cooked, we ate, we polished.

Eventually perfecting our signature dish: Samosa Chaat. A rich chickpea masala made to an old family recipe was the base for crunchy veggie samosas, fresh salad for zing and our three homemade chutneys, topped with crispy noodles. We planned to take Samosa Chaat on the road, anywhere and everywhere we could – markets, food festivals, street food events, private parties, pop ups, taprooms, you name it!

We were off to a flying start with a fully booked calendar and a long, hot summer of fun planned, until March 2020 hit with a bang and street food came to a grinding halt! Back to the drawing board: how to keep feeding people great Indian food!?

Managing to nab ourselves a kitchen bigger than mum’s we started to bring to life some of our other favourite Indian dishes and offering chilled takeaway to our community. It was such a privilege to keep bringing smiles to folks faces throughout the hardest of years through our favourite medium: food!

As lock downs lifted through the year, we catered some awesome private events – a 90th birthday party, lots of family reunions, even a beautiful tiny wedding. And each time lockdown fell, we kept feeding our community from the kitchen.

This year, we’re so excited to be able to start booking in special events, private catering jobs and street food galore as the world slowly gets back to normal and our diary is filling fast! All as well as still offering our chilled takeaway from the kitchen, hot lunches through the week and our very own street food pop ups at the kitchen introducing you to some of our favourite flavours.

Find out where to get your hands on some tasty food right here, or follow along on Instagram and Facebook for the latest news!

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